Platform Services


Our Platform consists of Infrastructure, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Integration, Business Continuity (Backup, Failover, DR), Business Process, Business Rules, Automation and Enterprise Java.

We utilise JEE technology to deliver benefits in Financial Transaction Processing to Spatial Information Systems. It is robust, scalable,reliable and delivers high performance and simply put it is unrivalled in its class. We leverage these technologies to bring you the very best in the industry – components that are based on industry standards and can be easily extended to do more for less.

The Platform combines these with our custom built Application Components to enable rapid system development and customisation.

  • Workflow automation – Work item allocation, work item automation, query definitions
  • Reporting & Analytics – Customisable reporting, in depth interactive analytics, reporting automation
  • Business Rules Management – Business Rules definitions, rules automation
  • Compliance Management – Regulatory compliance reporting, industry best practice reporting
  • Business Process Management – Process automation, process configuration
  • Interaction Management – Portals, Libraries, repositories
  • Digital Document Management – Version control, electronic storage, templates

Web Services

Business Applications’ products and its data is easily accessible through standardised Web Services. It is possible to seamlessly integrate existing systems with our applications. Truly Integrated applications increase efficiency and reduce your effort. Our Web Services are secure and based on industry standards to ensure no matter which technology platform you use, you can leverage our Web Services to quantify impressive benefits and outcomes to your organisation

Transactional Middleware

A transactional middleware can be the difference between data integrity and months of your effort in cleaning bad data. Our Transactional Systems leverages Middleware technologies to ensure data integrity and increase transaction throughput. Meaning faster response time, higher integrity and less manual work.

SOA & Integration

A Service Oriented model can make all the difference for a successful enterprise. Internal information flow which leads to creating a cross-cultural-visibility rather than a siloed culture, where information is stifled and decision-making is compartmentalised. Integrated information is the key for tomorrows leaders towards making landmark decisions.

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