BA Training Management

Training Management

Our Training Management Application is an unrivaled choice for the education and training needs to manage all processes relating to learning, training
and education processes with any industry.

BA Training Management is built with enterprise needs in mind and tops its class for an end to end solution.

BA Training Management assists in:

  • management of the training processes within you organisation
  • the identification of training needs
  • complying with regulatory requirements for training and training updates
  • managing and controlling training suppliers
  • controlling training costs
  • governance over the training policies
  • engaging the stakeholders who participate in the training delivery process
  • automating workflows and streamlining existing processes and tasks
  • and much more

Complying with Regulatory Requirements

Each jurisdiction has its own regulatory reporting requirements and mechanisms for Education and Training organisations. In Australia, Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), Higher Education Providers and other training providers are regulated to compile and report on training data, State or Federal Government funding reports, Satisfaction Survey Reporting and more. Some of these standards include AVETMISS (varies from state-to-state), Fee-Help, Vet-fee Help, CCOS and many more. All of these requirements can be overwhelming to the administration and compliance teams within these organisations and play a crucial role to the smooth operation of these facilities. Burgstein’s Advantage product was built with Australian requirements in mind, and the flexibility to tailor to international markets. Our simple and easy to use reporting mechanisms automate filters and utilise smart predictions to make mandatory reporting a breeze, saving time, effort and assisting compliance.

Electronic Documents and Records Management – EDRMS

Paper-based record maintenance is a critical deficiency towards process improvement. Lost or misplaced records can lead to significant downtime and increase compliance risks. Our electronic Document and Records Management System can enable you to maintain and control the critical documents securely. These documents can be made accessible from various locations. Here are a few key capabilities you can leverage with our solutions:

  • Version Control processes
  • Provide Online or Offline access from our tablet or kiosk devices
  • Monitor and track access
  • Store assessment and training evidences electronically
  • Protect sensitive documents
  • Allow external access to unclassified documents
  • Associate records and documents to relevant areas
  • Reduce fragmented record keeping and associated administration overhead

In our experience organisations today, place high importance on the integrity of its data and records which often suffer from duplications and in-accessibilities, which lead to undue administration and cost. These factors can be eliminated through the proper setup and use of our end-to-end records and document management components within all components of our Applications.

Automated Reporting

Arduous time spent compiling multiple reports and spreadsheets for weekly, monthly and quarterly reports are a thing of the past as once defined, Burstein’s intelligent reporting engines can automate and execute spreadsheets, PDF reports and Word documents to be generated and emailed where they need to go based on definitions and date.

Redefining the Enrolment Process

Paper based enrolment forms are a thing of the past, with so many options to go electronic. Our solutions can provide web based enrolments, email based enrolments and other online methods of data input. Much of the tradition around enrolment questions is passed back to the responsibility of the enroller rather than tying up organisations phone line or front desks. Enrolments through our Advantage solution will allow your organisation to spend more time training and teaching and less time and cost around enrolments whilst eliminating paper altogether. This approach reduces errors, eliminates steps in the enrolment process, saves time and effort and is the greener alternative with our Training Management Applications.

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